Saturday, April 11, 2009

Full Stop.

So after some positive feedback from Steve over at Glossographia I refined the gradient divisions on the Arret/Stop map from last post (from 20% increments to 10% increments) to emphasize the hypothesized increased tendency for anglophones to break language laws in regards to stop signs in Montreal. And what do you know? It works. Take a look:

Well I think it's cool. Check the caption on the Arret/Stop map from last post if you need more info. Until next time.

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Anonymous said...

That's great! I've been thinking of something else that could be done. Given the working hypothesis that the % of English speakers correlates with the % of Arret/Stop signs, you could make a ratio of those two percentages (%AS / % Anglophone), and then map those using a colour gradient. So if there were 5% AS and 50% Anglophones, you would have a ratio of 0.10. This would allow you to combine the two attributes you are looking at into a single scale.

Another thing you could do is to put specific stop signs on your map where Arret signs have been vandalized with 'STOP' (or 'GO'), or where there is other forms of linguistic resistance-type vandalism, and see whether they are in CTs where there are unexpectedly low (or high) percentages of AS (i.e., there aren't many AS in an anglophone region, so anglophones 'make' them through vandalizing ARRET signs).

I'll stop giving you more ideas now before you tell me where I can cram them. This is fantastic!

- Steve